Visit to Asia Bibi

Visit to Asia Bibi

In October 2011 the GLOBAL CHRISTIAN VOICE AMERICA AND EUROPE visit ASIA BIBI over the ongoing controversy that she (ASIA BIBI) was allegedly tortured by a staffer of sheikhupura jail.

Keeping in view the sensitivity of the matter GLOBAL CHRISTIAN VOICE AMERICA requested and take permission from ministry of interior government of Pakistan and visit ASIA BIBI in sheikhupura jail.

Purpose of the visit of GCV was to find the facts of the torture and clarify the facts of the story to well informed to international community and share with them the reality of the incident.

Therefore, on December 2011 the GCV AMERICA team headed by MS. ZEBA GILL (Chair/President) GCV, including Dr. Shabaz Bhatti (International Director GCV) Mr. Shazad Bhatti (Director GCV Europe) Ms. Fahmeeda Bhatti (GCV Coordination officer for women Pakistan) and Mr. Imran Bhatti (Director GCV Pakistan) Ch. Akram Advocate (Legal Adviser GCV Pakistan) visited ASIA BIBI in district jail, Sheikhupura and find the following facts:


Asia Bibi said to the GCV team that she is not safe and secure here in jail and still have life threats through different means and especially she mentioned about one of the lady guard namely Khadija deputed by the jail authority for my security.

During the conversation ASIA BIBI became emotional because she is away from her family and especially she misses her daughters namely SIDRA, ESHA, and ISHAM.

ASIA BIBI added and said that I am suffering through false allegation of blasphemy and falsely blamed for disrespecting the Holy Prophet, I never spoke a single word against the dignity of Islam nor can I think about insulting in the honor of Holy Prophet.

I am speechless and amazed that why investigation officer did not involved me in the process of investigation. Why investigation officer did not conduct the investigation in accordance with law, I am innocent and this blasphemy allegation against me is totally baseless. She said that I trust on my heavenly father Lord Jesus Christ and he will definitely protect me as per his promise in THE BIBLE.

She requested to GCV team that please protect me because I am very much worried and depressed about the brutal murder of Governor Salman Taseer and Minority Minister Marty Mr. Shabaz Bhatti who ascend on the misuse of this law.

She appeal to all Christian brother and sisters that please pray for me and my family and heavenly father protect and safe me from the atrocities of these fanatics elements and bless me with the victory and release me the false blasphemy the end she said that I am not satisfied the security arrangements provided me by the jail authority.


The Global Christian Voice America GCV is not satisfied from the security arrangements provided to ASIA BIBI by the jail authority. GCV team is have a great concern for ASIA BIBI as well as other poor Christians charged under the false blasphemy cases and suffering in the different jails of the country just because of unfair and prejudice practices of the judicial system as well as the unsatisfactory prison system in the country.

Additionally, GCV tried its level best to raise the voice of voiceless Christians on globe and especially Christian of Pakistan and continues their struggle to protect the religious minorities from hatred, discrimination, violation, victimization and maltreatment in the name of religion by the fanatics, fundamentalist and other religious extremists.

At the end GCV team submit Ten Thousand (10.000 RUPEES) for the good health and other needs of ASIA BIBI in Sheikhupura jail in the account set by the Punjab government.

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