Unity in Diversity

Unity in Diversity


GCV shall promote greater understanding between different religions through sustained dialogue and research in order to foster interfaith harmony, tolerance and understanding among people of different faiths and beliefs.


In the eastern world, the religion plays an important role in social, economic and political spheres. The societies in the east have great allegiance to religion.in this context, Muslim world, the population of which is over 1.2 billions is very sensitive on religious issues.

They exhibit their faithfulness and loyalty to Islam and its tenants in their daily lives. They hold the values of their religion very scared to their hearts and minds .on the other hand the western world, though called Christian world, practices and professes secular values.

From the above stated analysis, we can understand that the entire global society is divided into two distinct groups i.e. the Muslim world and the non-Muslim world.

In order to prevent clash of civilizations and to prevent religious conflicts, it is quite pertinent that efforts should be accelerated to promote interfaith harmony at the global level. This will help to enhance greater understanding between Muslim & non-Muslims world- between East & West and between different faiths of the world.


Pakistan, the population of which is about 150 millions, has a multi-religious society. Islam is the religion of 93% people where as 7% belong to Christian, Hindus, Ahmadi and other faith. The religio-political groups with their extremist views want to make Pakistan a theocratic state where as the moderates want Pakistan to be a progressive, democratic and welfare Islamic country. The hard liners religio-political extremist groups, sectarian strife and illiteracy are the impediments which are retarding this country in becoming a moderate and progressive state.

So in order to transform the populace of Pakistan into an enlightened, moderate and responsible civil society and in order to promote lasting peace, it is extremely necessary to foster feelings of interfaith harmony and sectarian good will among the people of different religions and faiths. There is a great need to carry forward to grass-root level, the idea of Enlightened Moderation, Which needs to be translated into reality if proper tools are provided to masses. It is, however, important to note that the moderate and progressive forces of Pakistan have the potential to transform the people at large into an enlightened and moderate society.


We make an earnest appeal to the religious scholars of all faiths and sects to spread the message of interfaith harmony in their congregational gatherings.

We appeal to the entire teaching community of the country to inculcate in their pupils the common values of all religions in order to prepare them for peaceful co-habitation.

We appeal to the opinion makers that they should undertake to foster among people, the feelings of better understanding of religions and beliefs to further the cause of interfaith harmony and sectarian unity.

We make an earnest appeal to the print and electronic media managers to play their vital role to promote and propagate interfaith harmony by providing an atmosphere to initiate interfaith dialogue. We further beseech them to use their right of freedom of expression with responsibilities.

We appeal to the public representative of all tears to be watchful that the communities living in their areas may not fall prey to religious and sectarian conflicts.

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