Dear Friends

GCV, is Registered as nonprofit organization base in New York USA and plays an essential role in ensuring a strong Christian community by providing accessibility, mobility, choice and freedom.

Its Key aims are to bring the scattered Christian under the guardianship of GCV and build their capacity for raising collective voice to fully end discrimination and untouchability and to influence the state in formulating laws and policies to benefit the Christian community on globe.

GCV envisions discrimination free society where all people can live with respect and dignity. Therefore, GCV is dedicated to eradicate caste based discriminations and un-touch ability through the processes of empowerment, mobilization, networking and alliance building among other national and international organizations in the country.

At the moment, GCV has a focused determination to eradicating caste based discrimination and untouchability through the systematic efforts done by the state and non-state actors.

Global Christian voice GCV. With this heart for Christian people, our dream from the very beginning was to help the unreached and most disadvantaged on globe and especially Pakistani Christian, giving them hope of a brighter future.

GCV through Ms Zeba Gill mature leadership has been able to reach the unreached for Christ and assist the most vulnerable Christian people who suffered from war, disasters, diseases, poverty and religious persecution on globe and especially in the rural and remote areas of Pakistan.

Even through the most difficult times of many trials and challenges, i have always felt privileged to be able to serve my most vulnerable Christian Brother and sisters in Pakistan, and I am thankful for the many God-given opportunities to show the love of God through GCV. I never looked on our time in Pakistan as a sacrifice, hardship, or a difficult job, but by the grace of God.

He has given us a love for the Christian and especially Pakistani Christian people and passion and joy in the work He has entrusted unto us for His purposes. The past two years I have certainly been a wonderful journey as we worked together, stepping out in faith one step at a time and watching the growth of GCV.

It seems like only yesterday that my family and I discussed the possibilities of starting an organization. I would never have dreamt that GCV would have grown to what it is today.

In one way or another, GCV has touched the lives of many of vulnerable Christian people in its two years of service.

GCV reaching the most vulnerable and destitute, giving them hope when there was no hope, assistance when they had nowhere else to go for help, training and raising up leaders who are now transforming whole communities through their skills and talents.

We certainly could not have accomplished all this without our skilled and dedicated staff, friends, supporters, and partners, and I am deeply grateful and thankful for all of you for faithfully standing with us over the years.

My hope is that God will raise up new leaders, Godly men and women to continue on with the work that started with a vision me and my family had two years ago.

This plan further provides a more organized and systematic approach for achieving the overall goal of eliminating caste based discrimination and untouchability. Therefore, GCV would like to appeal all the stakeholders to provide their valuable and meaningful support for its successful implementation in the days ahead.

I sincerely pray to the Almighty God to grace us with His blessings in our continued efforts in achieving success in the future.

Yours In Him

Ms Zeba Gill (Chair/Founder)